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Storage Cabinet - Medium 36"W x 24"D x72"H

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Instantly organize your lubricant and equipment area with this high quality workshop ready storage cabinet.

Storage Cabinet - Medium 36"W x 24"D x72"H

The OilSafe Storage Cabinet will enable you to immediately store, organize and protect all your colour coded OilSafe lubrication reliability tools in a sturdy, workshop ready storage solution.



  • Removable plastic parts bins easily clip on and off internal racks and increase storage capacity and speed for small parts selection
  • Adjustable shelving options for storage flexibility
  • High quality door handle with lockable features for added security - Medium Cabinet and Large Work Shop Cabinet include a stainless steel handle with key lock. Large Cabinet includes a cast handle in yellow with pad-lockable feature.
  • All welded, high quality 14 – gauge steel construction, suitable for storage of your top up lubricant containers and lubrication equipment in the shop. No code rating is required for this lubricant storage capacity and application.
  • Cabinets shipped fully assembled and ready to use
  • Solid casters beneath swing out doors provide smooth door opening and support under heavy loads. Casters and legs provide clearance for forklift access
  • Casters and legs only available on Large Storage Cabinet.


Cabinets Specifications Table

Part # Description Weight Dimensions Small bins Door tilt bins Medium large bins Shelves
930005 Storage Cabinet - Medium 468 lbs. (212 kg) 36"(W)x24"(D)x72"(H)

48: 4"x5"x3"

48: 4"x7"x3"

  6: 16"x15"x7" 3 (adjustable)
930010 Storage Cabinet - Large 617 lbs. (280 kg) 36"(W)x36"(D)x78"(H)    24: 15"x5"x7"

12: 8"x15"x7" 

4 (3 adjustable, 1 welded)
930020 Workshop Storage Cabinet - Large 617 lbs. (280 kg) 36"(W)x24"(D)x72"(H) 

56: 4"x5"x3"

8  : 6"x11"x45"


6: 8"x15"x7"

2: 16"x15"x7"

2 (1 adjustable, 1 welded)

12: 17" x 4" door shelves

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Brand OilSafe
Weight 212.3 Kg / 468 lbs
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